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Apple Watch full analysis

Excellent new chapter of Apple, which to my taste compete with Moto 360 with Android, Apple and Moto Watch rectangular loop, or be good excuse to have both. Watch Apple's advantage is that you will not need to spot because besides the screen to control it brings a knob that does it all.

September 2014

At first glance it really is not what I expected from Apple since its inception as always innovating but not now.

I expected a curved screen-shaped bracelet with aluminum frame as certain page had shown that it could be.

The truth is that failure to reach a new guru, a new S. Jobs, bring us innovation and became normal to see other product launches that are more powerful but more of it and not just apple but with other brands .

No doubt this new guru this and trying to do it using revolutionary nanotechnology that about 20 years ago began to publish reports on what the technology could become and now is the time to make it so.

More I would have liked to see would not have necessarily to work with the iPhone is that it could be completely independent.

For example you can not make calls or surf the Internet does not have GPS as if another competition but we know that it came at the end of this niche is Apple so it will fall short in various aspects, or could have been present with best differentiators as if he succeeded with his version of 18k and thereby becomes a technological jewel.

For its first generation above hopefully for their new generations managed to have it and is omitted. Since at least for me it is very interesting to have the power of computing in small formats that interact with larger dimension. What gives you more possibilities in this intelligent clock will be when programmers develop new apps that leverage the most.

But within seconds of your presentation I like him as a sports watch, casual and elegant especially for its sapphire crystal armor and various materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and 18 karat gold. With its various straps looks more matte colors in contrast to the screen that only a diamond shine brighter. Cleverly they put their knob to control it and thus not be staining the touch screen but it is also possible to do it in different ways.

Watch Apple will have forgotten by many as the first cell came with clocks and mini computer always available hard astray by being tied so we will also help to avoid falling into that jewel bad deal.

A presentation is the new jewel of technology there were special guests of the fashion and lifestyle how do?

By having 3 editions and 2 sizes of 38 and 42 mm diagonal will be offered for Men and Women.

In some countries will have to be careful to bring it because you can easily become the new Rolex for the digital age.

Its interface is touch screen and voice or knob. Only compatible with iPhone 5¿? onwards perhaps handling a 64-bit version.

Finally out his duties for health and sport your heart rate sensor will be an excellent coach.

Because no sportwear ie, a wearable iOS different apple watch and the current iPhone, ie one that is part of the sporting fabric of our shrunk garment washing machine that is not visible that is part of the colors of the garment and allow it to project a hologram information. Too futuristic truth is that there already exist technologies so that it can be long time to put together but to see it working as it first must consume all private investment in technology such as in other industries where there interests not to let others pass.

October 2014

I am devoting time to better understand this new device because we only have information that is several pages of photos and apple with 3 videos featuring over it contextual visual. So I'm in the task of understanding the innovation of apple despite not being the first to hit the market.

The idea exposed as CEO is in fashion, fitness and its ecosystem.

Fashion over 2 million combinations of the clock that has 2 different sizes, different materials of belts, a screen that glows in addition to not scratch, various content on their screens, 3 styles (normal, sporty and elegant) mentioned and 6 different colors based on their body 3 different materials are stainless steel, aluminum and gold. So who will have not only one but several one for every lifestyle.

I personally am very interested in the question of fitness since I assume some independence from the iPhone is app. that will become a personal trainer all the time when you will see our activity indicating passive always leave to go to the active and sedentary life and leave to which we have come through technologies that cause the car to stand still call it television computer or smart phone. Dressing apple device with a personal trainer will allow you to live longer and with better quality.

On the part of the ecosystem as it relates to work in a team with other members of the apple family. Mainly it does with the iPhone but also with the Apple TV and make more options as apps are developed and newly announced API? ?

But the main thing is that as you have a computer inside is able to receive data from its inputs such as sensors able to process and display information on the screen or by using the PAN on the iPhone.

Fashion has received the first apple computer that blends well.

Sport invades the daily routine outside the gym with healing for many.

Life is made easier by integrating our lifestyle apple technologies thanks to member always present in our arm will be the wristwatch. And when you least let submersible use.

Undoubtedly, together with an iPhone will be more productive use so cause who use other smartphone switch to apple.

We will have to pay close attention to what many experts are looking for that will be THE NEXT BIG THING. When Steve Jobs lived innovation with new hardware. Now innovation is lost and want to find. The apple wants to find in their new payment system that is in the software not the hardware that's where Jobs highlighted. But it will not be adopted by the majority of the world of people using a device of apple for 2 reasons age and the price is the price of an iPhone able to use is the new system is not yet available to young people at adopt rapidly until its time come where they are self-sufficient and the same question those that do can have their ages are now greater than those of the young and still show resistance to change leaving your leather wallet with cards and replace the app on your iPhone.

Maybe it really will be THE NEXT BIG THING voice assistants like Siri or some other as being mentioned on other pages.

After listening carefully to the presentation of the CEO and VP of Apple

They emphasize the following aspects

The technology marks the next chapter saw the history of apple by dedicating 45 minutes to mention some aspects of clock 2 hour presentation.

As a technology that dress should look good with fashion therefore offers different colors on their belts and various materials as well as a cuarátula resistant sapphire crystal scratch because after the diamond is the hardest surface. And for those who still want to look better in two-tone 18 karat gold.

It will be a great gift for the upcoming February 14 as it also was designed to communicate the depths of our hearts and thoughts not only see but also hear and feel, that's feel with their new technology TAPTIC ENGINE giving touches but not electric. Maybe because it goes on sale in early 2015.

As with the introduction of the mouse was invented Mac and iPhone multi touch screen now to watch the traditional bulb clocks is preserved along with a new touch-sensitive screen and pressures as well as Siri.

Inside is encapsulated a complete computer system on a single chip. In electronic form is protected. Being a mini computer with IOS operating system 8 it becomes even more powerful to see what your apps are able to do alone or team with the iPhone with which it was created to work as it lacks certain types of chips yes present in the iPhone. With iPhone models that can work are: 5 5c 5s 6 and 6 plus achieving power being used by a community of 200 million users and also its price starts at 349 USD. But it can also interact with their family through Apple's technologies such as iMac, Apple TV, CarPlay, HomeKit and HealthKit.

But what really gives life are the apps so we'll see how it works through these and his inner power. The covers of clock can be changed and each offering various issues show but they have movement and information as is showing the globe and put a mark on where you are, or you can choose the moon and according to whether the day phase is indicated. For notifications silently alerts you when it arrives some with a twist and to raise our arm as he arrived. Or when used in conjunction with the GPS of the iPhone as the route we will indicate with hints of where to go as if we lead a secret Santa. In order to be seen as we marvel apps developers are able to take advantage more piece of high technology.

Finally my opinion of all this is that so
as more than 30 years, were innovative digital watches with certain functions and digilal monochrome screen, speaker and buttons for now that we enjoyed in our youth in a few months will do it again but now with a full computer with retina display color with touch function, knob, microphone, voice control and a variety of sensors to interact with their environment with which we will live during the day while we stay active while avoiding being sedentary and increasing health.

This may well be THE NEXT BIG THING and conjoining various age groups but especially those who lived 30 years young. Young people today were born with technology so the use will be normal but for those who are in their 40s or more 50s and 60s will be like reliving that experience with more intensity for the great benefits that we provide health especially appreciated as are stages of life.

CarPlay in Mexico.

Great innovation from Apple on 4 wheels. CarPlay is the safe way to use the iPhone in the car to leave your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Yes delegate control to siri we will see some results in the display and other in car audio. For example in 2014 and now in brands Hundai, Honda, Volvo, Mercedes and Ferrari can connect the iPhone 5 press the control button on the steering wheel and you use the following:

The maps that I think really have and continue to be the best companion to have along the way, allowing us to continue to be very productive, to know whether or not to go to the destination, as in the big cities like Mexico where it is possible to know whether it is convenient as travel time, as one can see whether there is a closure of a primary path. Thus the power and simplicity of Apple maps come to the board with a copilot voice. In addition to use any of the apps, you can get the address and go is as is from: contacts, text messages, email and calendar. Yes not reach to arrive on time, siri you communicate, but the phone is busy you can ask Siri to write and send you message. But the street noise does not allow to use siri, you can instead use the buttons and controls you have in the car dashboard or steering wheel to control you iPhone.

But in reality it is about two main issues: that of having a single system to operate equipment information and invasion of information systems in more brands and car models.

Born 17 years ago an information system for the car, which because it is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) that was already part of the factories of some car brands, proved easy to begin appearing in some luxury models some brands. It was the AutoPC of Clarion, a stereo integrated the Microsoft Windows computer operating system for you that even today is still marketed in the name of Ford Sync.

We were one of the companies to help market it in Mexico. So we know what we're talking about. Back then it was known that an OEM could not itself introduce an information system in the factories, you're hardly alone would do. This is precisely what happened, though partnerships with various OEM, ie advances in applications has been minimal, in addition to several different systems to operate. Which means that people have to invest your time in learning to use them, rather than all operate the same. Yes this is so, could concentrate more on driving simpler and less distracting or cause accidents.

The other important factor is that we will soon see that only no longer be present in the luxury lines, but also economic, since they did not represent a major cost, the operating system that is used by the processor and the apps will be absent in cars, ie it will only have a touch screen on these and the rest is already on your iPhone, so you only need to connect it to start using it. This implies a tremendous cost reduction of the different parts that must be installed in automobiles.

With the above, the presence of information systems easier to use and more interesting apps related to driving your car democratize.

They are announced 24 brands of cars and 2 car stereo brand for aftermarket by itself you do not have the fortune to have a new car.

Some of the new apps that will benefit automobile interface, enable computers to connect with their own cars for countless situations and thus the owner of the car will have the most benefit.

For example, according to our habit of driving, the engine computer knows how many miles it will take the fuel tank and the GPS app can see which is more typical gas station to refill and advise when this coming.

Another is, that is failing either component could be as brake lights, so the system alerts the nearest agency to see whether you have the replacement and make an appointment for change, which the driver is this alerts you to accept or not the appointment.

Either the weather systems of the Internet, warning the CarPlay on conditions of weather on motorways, for which it will pass to the car took precautions warning drivers maybe wet or best floor even spilled oils by accident prior, in order to create new possibilities apps are giants.

iPhone family you care.

The best of two worlds in every place through digital life and real, that technology gives people here the families.

My own operating system 8 are giving us here a lesson of harmony to families who may have the privilege of having Apple devices.

First teaching is called sharing. Everything purchased can be shared.

Second teaching is called trust. As the credit card of one of the parents is shared and allowed to choose children to feel free to decide the adult.

Third Teaching rights and obligations. As the holder of the credit card payment is advised for some children want to do this can give who meet its obligations, the right to purchase.

Fourth teaching union. Sharing photos and videos of all the much desired union is achieved in each family. These can be projected on the big screen TV room using an Apple TV which prevents disunity having several individualized screens and are able to have any family history on each device.

Fifth safety education. Everyone will know where they all are limited to 6 members with GPS Global Positioning Satellite system. But it is also possible to avoid being seen all depends on trust.

And the family is limited to 6 members in the real world but those same 6 members in the virtual life and yes there are but this one is lost in silence with the help of others can find you.

De is how the family grows to 12 members.

The calendar to be shared notify each member of the family of the events that happen to not miss.

It also keeps everyone informed of each activity of each sharing the family calendar.

Why do I need a 64 bit processor?

Today to improve the performance significantly especially in video-related tasks so you can achieve with these amazing experiences with 3D games own specialized consolesjust to play.

This to have 64-bit is very important to Apple, for the future, for convergence they begin to innovate this iPhone 5s and successors as the iPhone 6 which is to hit the market.Today only the apps that are on 64 bits are factory brings iPhone 5s with iOS 7 or with the new iOS update 8.

So yes you are not a fan of watching videos and playing 3D actually buy an iPhone 5s today could be a good choice if the rate plan Give the gift as what is already happening in Mexico City. This is because it brings from new apps to iwok and iLife and own operating system that in many cases are the most important to use.

Over the years to come that is not in our interest to have such a robust team arrived theday I have more and more people at least here in Mexico as usual, because of the rate plans where at one point it and receive no payment or the auction.

The day a iPhone 5s this being already finished or given away as any plan in the near future, it will be of great help to many young people, because currently their first contact with a computer is the smartphone to be cheaper than computers. When this happens many have migrated to 64-bit apps so having the 5s or successors will be a great experience for every member of convergence is the power of desktop computing now in the palm of your hand.

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